Vision Statement

  • We believe that childbearing is a natural process that demands respect.
  • We believe that a good childbearing experience has the potential to strengthen family bonds and promote responsible parenting.  These elements represent a unifying force that gives strength and stability to our society.
  • We believe in the uniqueness of the individual: biologically, sociologically, spiritually, and culturally.
  • We believe that, given support, each individual has the potential to grow from every situation.
  • We believe women deserve comprehensive gynecological and maternity health care from professionals who include them in all aspects of their care and provide health care with respect for individual physical, emotional, socioeconomic and spiritual needs.
  • We believe in the team concept, which utilizes the strengths of each team member: the client, the family, the professional, and auxiliary personnel, in order to provide a safe, satisfying, family centered birth.
  • We believe we have the responsibility to act dynamically to put our beliefs into action

To share God's love by providing physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Feather River Hospital will be a recognized leader in mission focus.

At feather River Hospital we value:

  • The compassionate healing ministry of Jesus
  • Human dignity and individuality
  • Absolute integrity in all relationships and dealings
  • Excellence in clinical and service quality
  • Responsible resource management in serving our communities
  • The healthcare heritage of the Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Each other as a member of a caring family

Finding Us

We have two clinic locations for your convenince:

  • In Chico located at 1617 The Esplanade
  • In Paradise located at 771 Buschmann

    All of your prenatal and post partum as well as gynecological visits are performed at these locations. We now only deliver babies at Feather River Hospital. We do not provide home birth.

    View Chico Clinic Map
    View Paradise Clinic Map
    Click here to map Feather River Hospital

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